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The YOGO teacher module is where you, as a teacher easy gets access to info about your classes, checkin etc.

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Sign up, sign in

  1. Go to studioname.yogobooking.com/teacher (studioname is replaced with the name of the studio you are teacher in, or you can ask your studio admin for the url

  2. First you have to click 'Forgot password?' and create a new password. Type in the email address the studio owner created for your teacher profile

  3. If you want to use your own mobile phone, it is useful to check 'Remember me'. After you've logged in, press 'Add to home screen' so it's easily accessible on your phone's home screen.

Get started

Now you have access to your own schedule (or the full studio schedule, if activated by admin).

In the teacher module, you can:

  • See an overview of classes (which can be synchronized with your personal calendar).

  • See all that has signed up for classes or waitlists

  • Register students for classes if they have a valid access card

  • Start a livestream

  • Cancel classes (if activated by admin)

  • See hours teached (salary report)

  • Send e-mails to class participants

  • Get overview of sales (if activated by admin).


  1. To checkin in students, simply click on the title of the class you want checkin for.

  2. Next you'll see a list of all attendees.

  3. Click 'Check in' on each customer.

  4. You have now checked in your students 🥳

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