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By following these steps you will be up and running in no time!

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Sign up, sign in

  1. If you don't have a YOGO account yet, you can request a YOGO-account at and click 'Try YOGO'

  2. Go to your YOGO admin (link is sent to you when your YOGO account is created)

  3. First you have to click 'Forgot password?' and create a new password. The same password can be used for the customer part, teacher module and the checkin module.

Set it up

  1. Once logged in to your YOGO admin dashboard, go to 'Prices' and create the access cards you want to offer, e.g. recurring memberships, clip cards or time limited period cards

  2. Go to 'Rooms' and create your rooms, e.g. 'The yoga room', 'Open gym', 'The spinning room' etc.

  3. If your studio offers group training, click on 'Class types' in the main menu and create your Class types. E.g. 'Body pump', 'Hatha yoga', 'Flow', 'Spinning' etc.
    Then choose which access cards that should work for each class type

  4. Next, go to 'Schedule' and create your schedule for group training. Please note the option to create repetitions for classes

  5. If your studio offers Open Gym, you can set that up by going to 'Settings' --> 'Open gyms'.

Choose your plan

Almost ready! :)
In order to receive payment, go to 'Settings' --> 'Payment' and choose your plan. For plans other than Pay as you grow, we will automatically contact you with options for payment agreements and help you apply for those.

Integration on website

We are happy to help you with the integration on your website. We can integrate with basically all types of websites, including Sqaurespace, Wordpress and Wix. Feel free to contact us and we will gladly guide you.

That's it! 🥳 You are ready to start selling! 💪


If you want to get an automatic door system like Kisi or want to use Bruce or ClassPass, contact us and we will help you get started :)

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