1. If you don't have an active YOGO account, contact us to get one :)

  2. Enter your terms and conditions and membership conditions (if you want to offer memberships with recurring payments) in YOGO (YOGO admin --> 'Settings' --> 'Terms')

  3. We (YOGO) will start a Reepay account for you.

  4. Click on the email you are receiving from Reepay and click the link and create a password for your Reepay-account.

  5. Once you have logged in, make sure you are using the 'New dashboard' with a black background in the menubar. If the background is blue, click 'New dashboard' in the bottom left.

  6. Go to 'Settings' --> 'Applications'.

  7. Fill out all the fields with the information about you and your company.
    Note! Remember du press save after each field is filled out.

  8. In the field 'Additional information' enter YOGO and on a new line link til to your terms and and conditions and membership terms and conditions (https://your_YOGO_account/frontend/index.html#/terms).

  9. Press 'Save' and then 'Submit'.

  10. Clearhaus will now start handling your application and contact you directly by email if they have questions.

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